Our Ditmas Park 3 Floor location will be open this Sunday for an amazing sale

This sunday we will be hosting 2 giant sales

Our regular 6,000 sq ft. warehouse  at 387 Bushwick avenue will be open from 10am-5pm packed with great deals. Everything is priced to sell

For those of you who havn’t been to our original location, here is your opportunity to see where all the madness began. We have been loading up our 3 floor warehouse the past 6 months with great vintage, so if you are looking for great mid century modern, industrial and medical furniture plus so much more, you should head on down to 306 Parkville Avenue Sunday 10am-5pm. It is located near prospect Park and is reachable by the Q train at Newkirk plaza and the F train at 18th avenue.

We have been busy filling our 3 floor warehouse with the contents of over 20 estates over the past 6 months. We have items from several estates in Manhattan, some from long island, new jersey and Connecticut. We cleaned, organized and categorized these great finds to make it easy for you to search thru. There are so many different items to see, that you will need time to see everything.


Mid century modern – Antiques – shabby chic – vintage – Industrial furniture – Oriental furniture

Chairs – Tables – Dressers – Side tables – Desks – Entrance tables – Stools – Outdoor chairs – Book shelves – Medical cabinets – File cabinets – Accent pieces – much more

Over 500 vintage lamps
desk lamps – ceiling fixtures – floor lamps
Over 1,000 pieces of LED lighting new in the package
battery & plug ins

– Over 50 mirrors
– Over 500 pieces of art
– Basement tool storage and lots of industrial cabinets
– trunks, Army trunks, shipping trunks
– Vintage luggage
– Vintage cases of all types
– Vintage briefcases
– File cabinets
– Lots of art
– Metal signs
– Saxaphone
– Accordians
– Wood Sheet music storage bench
– Hall waterfall bubbling machine
– Old glass bottles
– Fenton glass
– Depression glass
– German beer mugs
– Ash trays
– Jewelry boxes
– Sewing supplies
– Cigar boxes
– Old photos
– Old postcards
– Vintage sheet music
– African masks
– Slot machine
– EMT training dummies
– EMT stabilizing boards
– Small pinball games
– Lots of crystal and small statues
– Brass platters, Candlesticks, Animals, statues, unique items
– Over 30 vintage seltzer bottles
– Lp records
– Vintage movie posters
– Old magazines of all types
– Old phones
– Old clocks
– Swords
– Vintage fireplace end irons and fireplace faces
– Over 500 ceramic statues and leaded crystal
– Some vintage cameras

– Vintage & Antique Medical cabinets
– Medical tools
– Medical carts
– Medical devices
– electrocardiogram
– centrifuge, sterilizer, x-ray cabinet
– Medical lights
– Medical stools
– Medical storage
– Medical scale
– Several Sewing tables
– Antique large marble entrance table
– Bedroom furniture
– Side tables
– Antique chairs
– Lots of chairs
– Vintage Electronics
– Furniture – large and small
– Mid century modern 1970’s chrome 3 person couch
– Mid century retro ourdoor furniture set
– 6 asian glass decorative doors
– Mid century modern
– Industrial furniture
– Fireplace covers, tools and accessories
– Typewriters
– Radios

Collectibles are all over the place

Thousands of unusual items not seen elsewhere

We have over 200,000 items packed from floor to ceiling on three floors.

There is so much stuff here that we are still unpacking and we will be discovering new items up until the day of the sale. Its worth the trip to come and see what you can find.
Everything is priced to sell!!!

If you like vintage items then you will love this sale. Be prepared to spend a few hours here, since there are hidden treasures everywhere. Its worth the trip from anywhere. I would suggest that you bring a flashlight as certain areas are not well lit. If it exists, we probably have it. Our massive 3 floor warehouse has everything vintage. You really have to see it to believe it. So don’t miss this one!!! Everything is priced to sell. SET DESIGNERS AND PROP MASTERS COME GET GREAT STUFF FOR YOUR NEXT PRODUCTION

So many interesting items keep coming in, You never know what you will find!

Each day, we go picking all over the city and upstate New York and we bring the items to our warehouses in Brooklyn. We purchased an estate in Boro Park on Monday and we worked 2 days bringing the items to our Bushwick location. A nice elderly couple is moving to Florida after living in the home for over 65 years. One can only imagine what a family gathers over the years and this house was packed with great finds.

Each room had treasures everywhere. Many items have been unseen for over 30 years, so it was like a new discovery for the homeowner as well. First we went into the basement, my personal favorite spot and we pulled out lots of small wood boxes from the tool room along with many other interesting small items. Every nook and cranny was filled with vintage treasures. From a box of old skeleton keys, to purple crystal door knobs, to old license plates, there were cool items everywhere.

We also found a first for us, a manual skeleton key making device in a nice wood cabinet… a real unique find. The homeowner told us that his grand father used to make skeleton keys as a side job in the 1800’s. Vintage garbage cans, handmade wood tool carrier, old work light, industrial lighting, old candle sconces, old paintings,  were also nice finds. The closets were filled with interesting finds as well. A nice set of pink Lucent plastic dish set, old canning equipment, milk glass and more were pulled out.

As we moved around the house we found a nice set of 3 teak and brass duck wall hangings. A bunch of vintage kodak cameras, old marbles, a portable bar kit in a box, old metal table top hair dryer, some cool enamelware, some interesting tins including one personal favorite (windsor glide powder for dance floors, a powder that you put on dance floors so you can do the 2 step with ease)

The best was yet to come, as we went up thru a winding staircase to a huge attic apartment. In it we found the groovy stuff. Mid century modern dressers, 4 mid century modern chairs by miller murphy, which my assistant thought was a partner of herman miller, which is not the case…but it was a cool find. We also got a well made george nelson slat bench in great condition and other nice small pieces.

Then we headed to the garage and found 3 great wood long benches, a antique cast iron coffee grinder, nice vintage wood ladder and a great bike shaped planter and much more.

There is still so much more stuff in that home, and the homeowner will be having us back in a few weeks to get more goodies.

Wednesday is going to be a busy day as we are going to be getting items from an apartment in the city and bar in Williamsburg. Keep posted to see all the great items that we will be bringing in.

Hope to see you


Got a whole bunch of interesting things this week.

We went digging this week from morning till night time and we produced lots of great finds. Each day we had to decide where to bring the days finds. Our bushwick location is overflowing, but we still managed to bring in 3 cargo vans worth of great stuff including a bunch of unique items from a former photographer and typographer. We have lots of developing trays in metal, rubber and even glass. Lots of vintage aluminum film case. Old font organizers and type selectors, rub on lettering and lots of other related items that we have to still unpack for sunday.

We also got in some mid century modern record cabinets and antique furniture. The warehouse is really loaded with great finds.

We also loaded up our thrift store located at 1158 Flatbush avenue in Brooklyn Sunday 12noon -8pm and thursday 11am-8pm, friday 11-5pm

. Several nice mid century pieces were brought in as well as a bunch of smalls.

We still have a full box truck to unload so who knows where those items will end up

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If you like mid century modern furniture and design, then you need to come check out our new arrivals. We went out in search of mid century furniture and we were lucky and brought a bunch of great pieces to our warehouse.

We purchased select items from 5 estates this week and brought most to our warehouse at 387 Bushwick avenue and some pieces to our thrift store at 1158 flatbush avenue.

Some of our great finds include:

  • A gorgeous leather Plycraft lounge chair
  • Mid century modern bar cart
  • Pair of Italian spaghetti chairs
  • Pair of mid century velvet parlor chairs
  • 3 Rway Mid century modern dressers
  • 3 mid century ice buckets and other barware
  • Huge mid century modern starburst clock
  • Mid century floor lamps
  • Vintage oak library bookcase
  • Lots of mid century mirrors
  • A bunch of vintage lenticular posters
  • 2 lucite mid century bar carts
  • Mid century modern kitchen tables
  • Vintage benches
  • Vintage italian folding chairs
  • Vintage art deco pins
  • Vintage micky mouse radio
  • Vintage ponchos
  • Vintage light up beer sign
  • Mid century desks and chairs
  • Industrial lighting
  • Mid century coffee tables
  • Small industrial desk & chair
  • A bunch of mid century modern table lamps
  • Industrial work bench
  • Vintage waterman small gas stove
  • Much much more

We purchase estates every day and bring the contents to our warehouse where we sell the items at affordable prices. We dont sell on ebay, so you get great fresh finds at great prices. You never know what you will find every day, but the good stuff usually goes fast, so come on over and check out the new arrivals.

Bushwick Vintage Warehouse

387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn

Sunday 10-5, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed&Thurs 11-7pm, Friday 11-3pm

Thrift Store

1158 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn

Sun 12-8pm, Thurs 11-8pm, Fri 11-5:30pm


We offer low cost delivery and we accept all credit and debit cards



We were busy this week picking…..

Elliot was busy this week picking in Brooklyn. Yes Brooklyn has some cool places to get some great old stuff. Many of our followers would love to go on a pick with us so we will give some lucky folks a chance in the future. Simply go to our facebook page @ReuseAmericaVintage and like us. You will also see daily updates of what we bring into our warehouse.

We were in the basement of an old tailor shop and we pulled out a nice commercial ironing table with a cast iron base from a factory, we think its from the 1940’s. Anyways it will make a great one of a kind bar to the lucky person who picks this up. We also got over 500 vintage ties brand new in the wrapper. Some are from designers like chistian dior and other famous ones. Many many more cool items came from this pick.

we were also fortunate to get a call from someone who was downsizing and we picked up some really cool mid century modern furniture. A table high corner table which is really sturdy. A pair of Knoll style wire stools. A pair of Valeigh Mid century modern side tables / coffee table which will make any room look fabulous.

We also picked up some great industrial pieces including a bunch of industrial tables and metal bases as well as 6 industrial lamps in great condition.

We got a call from a butcher company in the Bronx  to go thru his warehouse before he closes his business. We didn’t get much from him though, but it was a learning experience. We got a stainless steel meat rack, meat hooks with sliders on them and an industrial coat rack which held the uniforms of the workers of the plant

Right before closed for the day today an old car collector came to visit the store and he said he had some cool things to sell us. I was sceptical at first and then he pulled out some random parts from his pickup truck. These 1930’s car parts are going to make someone really the talk of the town. We got this great flare fender which would make a unique coffee table as is, but we will be improving on it this coming week. We also got the dashboard with the old dials and the front windshield which our talented woodworker buck will be making into yet another great coffee table.

All in all we brought 4 overflowing cargo vans full of stuff into our warehouse. Lots of great items to get. Some pictures are posted below.


This week we will be picking up 4 tulip chairs and a tulip table plus much much more

Stay tuned

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse
Sunday 10-5pm
Monday & Tuesday 3pm-7pm
Wednesday & Thursday 11am-7pm
Friday 11-3pm
387 Bushwick Avenue
3 Blocks from the Morgan L train
5 blocks from the Flushing ave J& M trains

Come and spend the day here and visit 5 other great vintage clothing shops & great pizza for lunch
2 Blocks from Robertas Pizza
2 Blocks from Swallow cafe
2 Blocks from a great chocolate factory
3 Blocks from L train vintage
2 Blocks from Beacons closet
1 Block from Risk Gallery Vintage
1 block from Fox & Fawn
2 blocks from Friends vintage
1 block away from a custom hat shop
3 Great record shops near us
Tons of great cool spots near us


1158 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn Sunday 12-7pm Tues, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30-7:30, Friday 11-4:30


Everything in the store is priced to sell, there is so much there and everything must be liquidated, so if you are in the area, check it out and get great deals.

The good stuff keeps coming in to our shop

Elliot just cant control himself. He has to go picking for new stuff everyday. Our warehouse is so full of gems, but we keep squeezing in even more great stuff. Its a good thing some lucky customers picked up some nice pieces of mid century modern furniture the past few days. This allowed us to bring in a bunch of great mid century items and other vintage pieces late Tuesday afternoon.

The madness has not ended with yesterday struck load. Elliot is going on a large pick wednesday. Who knows what he will be bringing in to the warehouse. He will be bringing the box truck for todays pickup as he went to yet another pick up at 10:30 last night. That load has yet to be brought to the shop so no pictures of those items yet. Elliot assured me there are some really great items in that load including some really cool mid century modern lighting, mid century modern wall clocks, mid century modern mirrors, mid century modern tile items and much more. We cant wait to see those items as well.

So be sure to visit 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm, Fri 11-3pm, Sunday 10-5pm, Mon & Tues 3-7pm. Its worth the trip from anywhere .www.brooklynhiddentreasures.com

BY THE WAY: We also brought a load of great stuff to our thrift store at 1158 Flatbush avenue in Ditmas park brooklyn. Wed&thurs 11-7:30pm, Fri 11-4:30, Sunday 12-7:30, Tues 11-7:30

We got in so many cool and unusual items this week.


This week we went digging in upstate New York and we brought in some great finds. Lots of industrial items and even an old grain elevator belt. We dug out a rough large oak library card catalog, Lots of vintage wood crates some filled with bottles too. A whole bunch of ww2 military wool jackets, Industrial lighting, enamelware, A bunch of bistro tables and cast iron vintage bistro table bases , even a large wooden sailboat.   Mid century modern tulip tables, great new grey couch, great stools, over 8 vintage slate blackboards,  mid century modern kitchen chairs, tables, side tables and much more.

Our resident woodworker Buck has been busy all week making reclaimed wood tables, coffee tables, table tops, benches and many other projects. Come in and see what he can make you using our selection of reclaimed wood and live edge wood.

We also loaded up our thrift store located at 1158 flatbush avenue with great mid century furniture and other great vintage items as well. So be sure to check both of our locations as there are treasures to be had at both locations.

Looking forward to seeing you all


We just loaded up on great Mid Century Modern Furniture and Lighting

The windy wet weather didnt stop us from bringing in quality mid century modern furniture this week. We spend monday and tuesday bringing in the contents of a doctors home from manhattan. We love buying items from doctors and especially homes that have mid century modern furniture. We got some great bedroom furniture for you to get at reasonable prices.

Come in and check out these items in person:

  • American of martinsville mid century modern dressers
  • Stanley mid century modern dressers
  • Great tall mid century modern dressers
  • Mid century modern desk/vanity with a pop up mirror
  • Mid century modern floor lamps
  • 12 modern stools
  • Monkey statues playing music
  • Decorative knives
  • Gemini professional DJ turntables
  • Vintage wood speakers
  • Vintage receivers
  • Signed ceramic bowls
  • Lots of art
  • Mid century modern 2 tier coffee table
  • Desktop jewelry display cases
  • Large channel led letters
  • Vintage brass