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This week we brought in 5 truckloads of vintage treasures. From a Brooklyn home we got some great love seats, lounge chairs, dressers, a antique vanity, Antique tube radio console, lamps, and more. The 85 year old gentleman told me an interesting story about his military history during world war 2. He told me that he was a radio operator on a small island in the English channel where he was stationed underground. It was a cave which had restricted access due to the tide. One day he and his crew almost died from the lack of oxygen due to the tide not retreating. I just thought I’d share this little story, because every home that I visit has a story and that is what I love about this business. I get to hear the history of the people and the items that they used during their lives.

Then we went to Greenpoint Brooklyn where we met a designer who was downsizing and we purchased a bunch of cool items.

Off I went to central park west where we got a bunch of distressed/shabby chic furniture, including 2 dressers, a vanity, art, room dividers, book shelves, chairs, stools, small tables,  lamps galore, and lots of small items.

Then it was back to Brooklyn again in Ditmas Park where we got a mid century modern dining table, mid century art deco dresser, antique stacking tables, mid century modern side tables, chairs, lamps, amazing antique wood trunks and a large leather trunk, a whole bunch of vintage clothing, pottery, lots of art including watercolors, hand colored etchings, oil paintings, tons of small vintage items and much more.

Today we will be bringing in a nice mid century bar cart and lots of other surprises.

Stay tuned for next weeks goodies, as we will be buying items from a hoarders house. This one looks promising as there appears to be lots of vintage items hidden under years of accumulations.

Our warehouse is fully loaded and we are making deals so we can bring in more stuff, so come on down and shop for great vintage at low prices.

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 bushwick ave brooklyn ny Sunday 10-5, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed&Thurs 11-7pm, Fri 11-3pm 718-807-6529

We accept all credit cards and we offer low cost delivery.




Since we have been closed for our “vacation” – road trip, we have been filling our warehouse with great vintage finds. We started locally with an apartment in Brighton Beach Brooklyn. We were called to a one bedroom apartment not expecting much so we came with just the van. When I was greeted at the door my jaw dropped to the floor. It was mid-century heaven. Every piece of furniture was modern from the 1960’s. The grand-daughter explained to me how the furniture was acquired and it was very interesting. Her grandmother left Poland in 1963 and she wanted to move to the USA. When she was ready to leave they told her that she could not take cash with her only material items. So she took all her money and purchased the best furniture available at the time. She made sure to buy top of the line furniture including an identical desk that the president of Poland had in his office. Although these pieces of furniture do not have the makers mark on them, they are very high quality pieces I am sure they are designer.

I then told the woman to wait for me as I needed to get my box truck. We ended up filling the entire box truck with amazing pieces including that large mid century desk, gorgeous mid century burl wood couch sleeper combo, amazing burl wood bar cart, china cabinet, dressers, vanity, chairs, tables and more.

Then we were off to upstate New York on the hunt for more mid century pieces. that part of town is a desert for modern furniture. After many visits, we found only a few pieces. That didn’t deter us as we went on to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and further. All along the way, we picked up cool pieces of furniture, lighting, mirrors and more. All the items are in the shop waiting for the grand reveal on Sunday October 15th when we reopen at 10am.

We also managed to purchase the contents of a surgical supply company which was in business since 1922 and we filled up the entire box truck with many unique items including many interesting medical bottles, glass syringes, industrial cabinets galore, butcher block work tables and much much more. These items with be unloaded next week. Keep posted on our instagram @reuseamericany for the latest on those items.

Meanwhile we are still on the road today wednesday picking up some great mid century modern dressers, a really nice wall divider and if we can fit a stunning retro Kroehler sectional couch.

PLEASE REMEMBER: WE WILL BE CLOSED TILL WE REOPEN SUNDAY OCTOBER 15th at 10am so all the goodies will be available then.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday October 15th at our

vintage warehouse at 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.

Interesting Vintage Finds & Our Vacation Schedule

This week we purchased the contents of the basement of a former locksmith. In addition to tons of locksmith items like key blanks, security devices, metal signs, locks, hardware, key cutting machine and more. He was also into working with polishing semi precious stones so we got a bunch of cool stone and polishing and tumbling machinery which was used to make his creations.

He also had some cool vintage advertising displays which were displayed in his store, my favorite is the one for key clips which has a nice drawing in the center of the display.

We also brought in some nice large trunks, vintage fishing rod and reels, vintage globes, a unique glass topped coffee table with a cast aluminum base made out of mermaids, 2 mid century 1970’s chrome and wood and glass coffee tables in the Milo Baugham style, vintage mini telescope, typewriters, lots of empty vintage beer cans, Accordian, vintage tv sets, mid century side tables, industrial work benches, much much more.

There are

always new discoveries at Reuse America, we get in new items every day so you never know what you will find.

   We will be closed for vacation from Wednesday October 4 and will be reopening Sunday October 15th at 10am. Look forward to many new finds as we will be on a road trip in Pensilvania and upstate New York on the lookout for the latest and greatest items to bring to our shop

Check out the new Vintage arrivals

We are always searching for great vintage items and this week was no different. We brought in lots of great new items, some great items were purchased right away after we posted them on instagram. If you are in the search for select items, then you should follow us on instagram as we post our new arrivals every morning @reuseamericanny and be the first to claim the new arrivals. Missed some cool items? Dont worry, we bring in new items every day, so there is always something great to check out. Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn Sunday 10-5pm, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed&Thurs 11-7, Fri 11-3pm. Mid century modern Desks, Chairs, Dressers, Tables, Coffee Tables, Side tables, more. Industrial Tables, Storage, Decor, and much more. Over 150,000 vintage items under one roof. 718-807-6529 We offer delivery and we accept all credit cards


is still going on at 1158 Flatbush avenue. We just brought up lots of more items from the basement including clothing and coats all from $1-$5. In fact, everything in the store is now only $1-$5, there is still so much to be had at these insane low prices. Perfumes, pocketbooks, furniture, art, mirrors, lighting and so much. You never know what you will find there is still so much stuff. Art glass, statues, antiques, brass items, porcelain, housewares and much more. Nothing is higher than $5.

Wednesday & thurs 11-8pm, Fri 11-7pm, Sunday 12-8pm



We got Shaggy and Groovy….

This week we brought in some groovy items. A nice plush couch from the 1960’s would look great in any apartment, compliment it with a great Tanglewood stereo/record player 8 track player with flashing color lights and you are the place to be. You can check out a video of it in action at our instagram @reuseamericany .

For you artists out there we just brought in 5 flat file cabinets to store all your art pieces. We also got in 5 small desktop cabinets for those small items. We also brought in a whole bunch of vintage lawyers furniture from a law office that closed in the city. 4 solid wood High point bending & chair company lawyers chairs, a bunch of other leather and wood chairs as well. A unique antique metal coffee grinder, Vintage phones, Vintage lighting, Snow shoes, ship clock, Industrial cabinets from an auto shop, large drum, vintage trunks, Vintage signs, chalkboards, a bunch of antique auto parts and wood steering wheels, brass chandeliers, aligator taxidermy, vintage wood bench, mid century wood cart, mid century lounge chair, vintage copper teas set, misc statues, and so much more.

Get ready for next week as we are bringing in some real nice mid century modern dressers and credenzas. Get first crack at the new items by following us on Instagram.

Vintage Variety is what we have… Something for everyone

When we go hunting for fresh vintage finds, we are always on the lookout for unique items. While we are always looking for mid century modern furniture, we are also looking for unique items that appeal to a broad spectrum of clients. This week was no exception, we went upstate New York scouring for different items. We managed to find lots of cool items and they are in the shop right now.

We got in a pair of vintage wood canoe paddles, a nice old bird cage, a postage stamp vending machine, A Shure studio microphone, some farm devices, even a 1920’s embossed one way street sign in mint condition. The homeowner had that sign tucked away in the attic and told me how he and his friends got it years ago and hid it from his parents. He even sold me his stash of 25 crystal glass doorknobs he had in the basement.

On our way back to Brooklyn, we stopped into a nice home in New Jersey and we scored some great mid century pieces. We got a nice 2 piece danish modern walnut couch set in great condition and a super 2 piece walnut danish lounge chair set. The lounge set sold minutes after we posted the pictures on instagram, sorry folks. If you want to get first crack at the latest and greatest, then you should follow us on instagram @reuseamericany. We also got some really groovy 1970’s lighting fixtures from the same home. Two really nice chrome mid century chrome ceiling fixtures and a nice teak and smoked lucite one as well. A nice rosewood mid century modern table and 2 Breuer Cesca cane chairs as well as 2 Giandomenico Belotti  spaghetti chairs.


We went hunting Friday morning and got a whole bunch more stuff

Come in and check them out

We still have tons of stuff from our exploration this week to unload.

Will you be the first to discover the new treasures at our warehouse?

Check us out at Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn Sunday 10-5pm, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed&Thurs 11-7, Fri 11-3pm. Mid century modern Desks, Chairs, Dressers, Tables, Coffee Tables, Side tables, more. Industrial Tables, Storage, Decor, and much more. Over 150,000 vintage items under one roof. 718-807-6529 We offer delivery and we accept all credit cards


We are still liquidating our Thrift Store at 1158 Flatbush Avenue. There are still lots of stuff there. Some furniture, desks, chairs, stools, lighting, lots of art, mirrors, pocketbooks, bags of yarn, bags and bags of trimmings, pom poms, lace, fabric, velcro, dishes, glassware, porcelain, statues, silverware, brass items, perfumes, costume jewelry, purses, clothing, Jewish seforim, books, cd’s, dvd’s, electronics, luggage, knick knacks, vases, crystal, trays, much more. EVERYTHING is $1, $5, $10. Buy a box of misc items only $10 per box. Friday 11-7pm, Sunday 12-8pm, wednesday & thursday 11:30-7:30. Get in while supplies last CASH ONLY

Our Bushwick Warehouse is Overloaded. Come help us make room

This week we went hunting for great vintage as usual. By thursday, we realized we keep bringing in new items every day and we dont sell as much as we bring in. So therefore, we are overloaded and we must make room. Every Item is reduced so we can clear up some space to bring in more great stuff. Here are some of the cool items that we brought in this week. We hope you find something you like

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn Sunday 10-5pm, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed&Thurs 11-7, Fri 11-3pm. Mid century modern Desks, Chairs, Dressers, Tables, Coffee Tables, Side tables, more. Industrial Tables, Storage, Decor, and much more. Over 150,000 vintage items under one roof. 718-807-6529

Please Note: Our thrift store liquidation is still going on and there is plenty of items in the store. If you havnt visited there, check it out since every single item is $1, $5, $10 including furniture, lighting art and so much more.

Thrift store Liquidation

1158 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

Sunday 12-8pm, Wednesday & Thurs 11-8pm, Fri 11-7pm

LIQUIDATING $1, $5, $10 – Nothing Higher than $10

Everything must be sold, nothing more than $10
There is so much stuff left, help us clear out and get great deals

We have so much stuff  in our thrift store that we need to clear out by the end of the month

So we are liquidating everything for $1, $5, $10
Stock up on
Furniture – Tables, Chairs, Dressers, Desks, Book shelves, China cabinets, displays, much more all $10 each
Lighting – Table, floor, ceiling $10 ea
Mirrors of all types $10
Art including oil paintings large and small – over 60 to chose from $10 ea
Electronics, Housewares Clothing, Pocketbooks, Yarn, Trimmings, Rolls of fabric
Costume jewelry, brass items, Tons of smalls
Nothing held back
Over 20,000 items must be sold
Grab deals while they last
Bring your trucks
1158 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn
(Bet clarendon rd and ditmas road)
Friday 11-7pm
Sunday 12-7:30pm
Wednesday 11-7:30pm
Thursday 11-7:30
Also join us at Our Vintage Warehouse located at 387 Bushwick Avenue
We just brought 2 truck loads of new items 

The Mid Century Modern Items just keep flowing in to our shop.

We work hard to bring in quality mid century items each day and this week was no exception. From a home in Mill Basin Brooklyn we got quality Basset Mid century modern credenzas and small dressers. They informed us that these pieces were purchased in 1962 directly from the home developer of the complex they purchased their home from. This furniture was in the model home that the developer used to sell the homes in the neighborhood. We also got a great wood Basset dining table and six chairs as well as other great mid century bedroom furniture.

Off we went to a brownstone in cobble Hill where we purchased some furniture that we usually dont buy, but we know we have customers out there that that like the solid wood furniture and dont love Mid century like we do. So we got regular vintage furniture for those folks.

Then we went to Long Island where we purchased some amazing mid century modern designer lighting from Louis Poulsen by Arne Jacobsen and other great designer lamps including a lovely copper outdoor mid century lamp. We also purchased 4 lovely Knoll Bertoia chairs and a bunch of other cool mid century seating and misc furniture including a nice Danish modern storage cabinet.

In addition, we got boxes and boxes filled with small items from cameras, to binoculars, to old pictures, to slides, vintage clothing, judaica, ash trays, glassware, purses, costume jewelry, Lp records, vintage trains, vintage matchbox cars, perfumes, much much more.

Two truckloads full of stuff and its just thursday morning, who knows whats coming in today and tomorrow. So much stuff to see, so come in and check out all the hidden treasures at Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn Sunday 10-5pm, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed&Thurs 11-7, Fri 11-3pm. Mid century modern Desks, Chairs, Dressers, Tables, Coffee Tables, Side tables, more. Industrial Tables, Storage, Decor, and much more. Over 150,000 vintage items under one roof.

Industrial & Mid Century Modern Furniture – We got it all in this week

After visiting over 20 homes this week in our never ending search for great vintage furniture, we were successful in finding 4 locations with the type of furniture that we know our clients will like.

From a nice home in Mill Basin, we obtained some nice mid century modern pieces. A great handmade wood and brass oriental trunk. Some of them were snatched up the moment we unloaded them off the truck and others will be available starting sunday at 10am. There are great pieces to be had from this great estate.

Next we went to a nice home in long island and we purchased a real nice Mid century modern bedroom set from Hickory furniture,  a great mid century modern brass ceiling lamp, we also got a headboard which we will be converting into a credenza, lets see how buck our woodworker builds this piece.

We then purchased a bunch of items from a juice bar in bay ridge which went out of business. We got a whole bunch of menu chalk boards, some edison lighting, some other