Lots of Modern Decor and Vintage Treasures

We loaded up on lots of Modern decor and vintage treasures galore. We went far and wide to gather these great new additions to the shop. We are always on the lookout for unique items that our customers seek and this week was no different. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to locate your items.


Come visit our massive warehouse loaded with great stuff. Over 150,000 items and growing daily Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm 718-807-6529.

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We offer low cost delivery on everything we sell

Chairs, Mirrors, Tables, Rugs, Lighting, Accent pieces and decor

We are loaded up again with so many great pieces and we need to make room. Great deals are to be had thru-out our massive warehouse. We have over 200 chairs and stools, over 50 mirrors, over 250 lmps of all types and over 200 vintage rugs.

Our non vintage rugs are only $50, a bunch of nice modern chairs are only $10 and we have mirrors from $20 and up. We keep our prices low because we buy in volume. Every day we unload a truckload so there are always new items coming into the shop.

While we focus on mid century modern furniture we also bring in some antiques and modern furniture as well. We bring in mid century lighting and accessories every week so there are always plenty of options.

If you are a designer looking for unique pieces for your client, we are your source for quality pieces at affordable prices. There are always tons of quality pieces in our shop. If you are a treasure hunter then you will like searching for those amazing accent pieces that you have been dreaming about since there are hidden treasures everywhere. Come in and see why people recommend their friends to our warehouse. We have many choices in every category so they can decorate their home or office the way they desire.

We have something for everyone.

Over 150,000 items and growing daily

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm


We are on a road trip and will return on October 23rd at 11am

In our endless pursuit to bring great items to the shop, we will be on a road trip until October 23rd when we will reopen at 11:00am. We have a bunch of appointments set up and we will have lots of really cool stuff coming in.  Stay tuned to see the new stuff.


In the meantime look at some of the recent arrivals. All our items are available for purchase using venmo or credit cards and you can have them delivered or you can pick them up when we return.

Fantastic Vintage Furniture at great prices

We are constantly challenged to get great mid century and other vintage furniture into the shop at low prices. Since we are out there every day seeking items, we try to buy everything at low prices so we can pass along the savings to you guys. We buy in bulk everyday so we are able to offer low prices to our customers. Sometimes we are challenged by our customers who come in looking for mid century modern dressers for $100. While this may pose a problem for most vintage shops, we were able to offer two happy roomies a nice dresser for only $99. If we buy low, we sell low… its a simple plan. Dont think that this will happen every day, but we do put big smiles on many of our customers whom are shocked by our low prices.

We like to sell things fast and we find that by keeping our prices low, we move a lot of inventory. For those of you whom have been at our shop know, we have lots of great pieces. So come on in and pay a visit and let us get you those vintage pieces of furniture that you desire.

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm 718-807-6529

Lots of Mid Century Modern Furniture and we will be open Labor

This week we brought in 4 truckloads of great mid century modern furniture. A ton of mid century modern chairs and so much more. We love going around looking for mid century furniture and we were not disappointed. We found some Danish modern pieces as well. We also managed to get a bunch of designer pieces from Knoll, Eames, Herman Miller and others.

We will be open Monday Labor Day from 12-5pm

Our regular hours are Sunday 10-5pm, Wednesday & Thursday 11-7pm.

We cant stop bringing in great stuff for our customers

It was a hot week and most people were chilling on the beach or somewhere. We were sweating a lot running around in attics, basements and everywhere else. We do all of this partially to keep our addiction going and our obsession with constantly bringing in new stuff for our customers. We brought in truckload after truckload every day and our packed warehouse is even more packed. If you have friends that cant handle a packed warehouse full of great vintage then this is not the place for them. If you like many choices when you are looking for furniture, mirrors and lighting, then this is the place for you. If you dont mind getting a little dirty, then this is the place for you.

Come join the madness and buy some items so that I can go out and bring more stuff in.

Sunday 10-5pm, Wednesday and Thursday 11-7pm

3 Days per week only

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm 718-807-6529

We went crazy this week… So many new items

Our week started off  when we took a few days to get some rest from the constant buying frenzy that we do every day. It ended up being a massive road trip buying spree in upstate new york and New Jersey. Instead of relaxing, we were on the road all day picking up great items for the shop. I guess our way of relaxing is getting cool stuff for our customers to enjoy. Van load after van load into the shop and we are bursting at the seams with fantastic items.

Elliot loaded up the transit today with tons of great mid century modern furniture including record cabinets, mid century bar cabinet, mid century bar cart, mid century small dressers, mid century credenzas, mid century coffee tables, mid century chairs, mid century mirrors, velvet chairs, vintage clocks, vintage cool electronics, lots of smalls, a bunch of art and so many more items. We didnt have time to take pictures of most of the items so it will have to wait till our next post.

If you are looking to decorate you


r home or apartment with great items you need to check out our 6,000 sq foot warehouse or you can see items on our instagram with prices and sizes @reuseamericany.


Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm 718-807-6529 Everything priced to sell

Furnish Your apartment or home in one location

Our warehouse gets filled every day with great vintage finds. You really never know what you will find coming into the shop as we bring a truckload a day. Our customers are amazed as they come in one day asking for a particular item and then they see it posted the next day on our instagram. Our savvy customers watch our instagram @reuseamericany constantly and usually find what they are looking for in no time.

If you are on the lookout for something specific dont be ashamed to ask as we have 2 other warehouses where we put our overflow in, and Elliot has a photographi