Great Stuff… And we are celebrating our sons upcoming wedding

This past week we were busy getting cool items for our shop. We visited many locations and got great stuff for the warehouse. We were called to a former Chiropractors office in Brooklyn and we filled up a whole truck of cool old stuff. Included in that haul was lots of vintage framed medical posters and other medical related items.

We also visited an amazing home which was furnished in the 1980s. This home has all high end everything. From Milo Baughman furniture to crazy cool lighting of every type and lots of amazing mirrors. We were only able to take a few pieces from there but we will return and make a few trips to bring all the great stuff to the shop,

Our son is getting married this week so we will be closed. We will reopen wednesday Feb 19th at 11:00 am. If you see something that you would like to purchase, you can go to our instagram @reuseamericany and venmo us a payment and you can pick up or we can arrange for it to be delivered when we return.

Thanks to all for your best wishes and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

Holy Cow… what a week this was at Reuse America

Boy were we busy this week at Reuse America. We brought in so many great items into the shop that we were in the shop till 10:30 each night just trying to make everything fit inside.

On Monday we got some great pieces from an apartment on the upper West side from a gentleman who loved going to antique auctions.

On Tuesday, we purchased some great designer pieces from italy and and a wonderful “lips” love seat which was used on MTV.

On wednesday, we purchased a truckload of items from an eclectic artist who resides in the West Village and he decided to downsize a bit.

Thursday we spend a few hours with a restaurant owner who had amazing items in his huge storage locker from a restaurant he used to own. We got several amazing cool velvet wing chairs, tables, and other great pieces.

Friday, we spent the day in a luxurious home in Brooklyn purchasing amazing mid century modern furniture including an awesome wall unit which will be unloading into the shop sunday.

It has been lots of work for us getting all this great stuff. What make us happy every day is seeing all of your faces when you see the new items in the shop.

So come on down and see all the great finds at

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse

387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn. Sunday 10-5pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm 718-807-6529

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @reuseamericany

We also offer low cost delivery options on everything we sell and everything is available for rent for your pop ups or for the movie industry


We are organizing the shop to make your experience better

We are in middle of organizing our warehouse to make your shopping experience a more pleasant one. We are in middle of making the aisles wider and more fluid. You will notice the shop will become more open and easier to navigate. We will be selling many items at low prices to make additional room. Coe in and get deals on items which have been buried and help us make the shop better.

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm 718-807-6529

We were so busy this week getting great stuff for the shop

We traveled far and wide this week to bring great items to the shop. We must have put over 1,000 miles on the sprinter this week alone.

From a collector in the Hamptons we got a bunch of oriental furniture and accessories. It was a nice trip seeing the farmers pulling potatoes out of the ground as we passed by lots of vineyards along the way as well.

We also went to a business which closed down in connecticut and we got a bunch of great gunlock chairs, desks and other cool items.

Then we went to a south Jersey home and got a bunch of items. The warehouse is packed so we are making great deals as usual.

We also made a bunch of purchases in NYC which we will be picking up in the coming weeks ahead.

We purchase items every day from peoples homes… morning… afternoon and night so you never know what we will be bringing in from day to day. The best way to check out the new arrivals is by following our instagram @reuseamericany

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm 718-807-6529

We buy furniture, lighting, mirrors, art and more

If you are looking to sell items from an estate or you are moving out of state, we are the place to contact when you are ready to get rid of items.

We come with a truck and we purchase lots of furniture every day. We purchase entire estates or just a few items. We travel all over New York New Jersey and out of state and we pick up within a few days. If you need to empty a house or apartment we offer a full service approach. We can even do a complete cleanout via our cleanout service where we leave the home broom swept.

Another service we offer is estate sales, where we maximize the money that you can get. If you have lots and lots of items an estate sale might be the best option and we have a proven track record of getting top dollar for the contents of a home.

To get started simply text us pictures to 718-807-6529 and we will discuss which option is best for your situation.

Let our over 18 years of experience get you the best results for your items. Contact Elliot today

Picked up a bunch of New Items for the shop and gave away a bunch of pieces to needy families too

We picked up a bunch of new items for the shop from several homes around town this week. We also received a call from a needy family who lost everything in a home fire and they requested all new furnishings. We went on the search for the items that they needed and we found donors thruout Brooklyn and Queens who donated furniture they were not using. We spent two days picking up the items and we have the items in a storage locker waiting for the buildings department to give them the ok to get back into their home once the debris has been cleared out. We receive requests from families and other non profits when families need various items and we do our best to get them the items they need.

It feels good to start off the new year with giving and we look forward to helping out many more families in need this year.

Wishing all our customers, friends and family a happy and healthy new year.

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm 718-807-6529 Everything priced to sell. We offer low cost delivery options

More New Stuff In During the Holidays

We hope you all enjoyed your holidays. While everyone was celebrating we were out getting new items for our shop. We visited many homes in the tri state area and we got lots of great items. In some homes

we were only able to get one or two items which we thought would be shop worthy and in other homes we were able to fill our truck with great items. We really dont know from one day till the next what we will be getting, but one thing is for sure, we bring in new items every single day.

Our devoted fans know that when they see an item they like, they should think fast because the good stuff goes fast. Many of our clients follow our instagram page @reuseamericany where we post the new items daily. On our instagram you can request to purchase an item and pay via venmo or paypal or by credit card. You can arrange to pick your items up or we can arrange for a low cost delivery option.

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm 718-807-6529

Modern, 1980s, Mid Century Modern, Hollywood Regency

In our quest to satisfy our customer base we have been searching everywhere for great vintage pieces of every kind to bring to our warehouse.Even though our passion is mid century modern furniture, we see that people are appreciating other period furniture and we are bringing in those items to our shop. One thing is for sure, we load our warehouse up with great goodies every day and there are always lots of new items to be had.

If you are looking for a simple vase to enhance your room or for an entire living room upgrade, we are your source for vintage everything.

We brought in so many great pieces of vintage and modern lighting and tons of modern vases of every kind all at great prices.

So many accent pieces, so many mirrors, do many small tables, so many great lighting pieces and so many great pieces of vintage furniture for every room in your apartment or house.

Come in and see why we are the designers choice when searching for quality at great prices. We offer low cost delivery options and we accept all credit cards and venmo.

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm 718-807-6529

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