The Vintage keeps on rolling in

Busy, Busy, Bust we are… even with all this rain


We brought in a bunch of mid century modern furniture this week and we already lined up a few estates with great vintage furniture and decor for next week. Our shop is loaded so come on in and get great deals so we can make room for next week.

If you want to go to a cool place with lots of great mid century modern and industrial furniture, then you need to visit our giant warehouse. Literally loaded from floor to ceiling with great pieces. – Furniture – Lighting – Mirrors – Art – Much more. Lots of antiques and vintage smalls. Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 bushwick ave brooklyn ny Sunday 10-5, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed&Thurs 11-7pm, Fri 11-3pm 718-807-6529


Bringing in lots of New Stuff Every Day

We are out every day looking for great vintage to bring to our vintage shop. Are we considered a thrift store in Brooklyn or are we a vintage shop? I will let you decide what we are….¬† There is one word that people say once they enter our massive vintage shop….. WOW is the word that we hear every single day. We only bring quality items here….No Junk!

We have over 150,000 vintage items to look at. If you think that you will simply walk in and walk out..then this is not the place for you. Once you enter… you will see that you need to allocate a few hours in order to see everything.

Some people walk into the first section of the shop which is the size of 5 other stores, then they discover that we have 2 other sections to go into including one room dedicated to chairs with hundreds of chairs and stools to choose from.

If you work in the film industry you will love our huge selection of unique items not found elsewhere. If you are just shopping for your home or apartment, then you will be impressed by our selection of great furniture and decor. In our shop you have many choices of everything that you can possibly need to furnish and decorate.

Do you like to rehab furniture? we have a section of items which are great for repurposing and upcycling.

We buy in huge volume, so we keep our prices at reasonable prices so that people on a budget can shop by us as well.

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm Fri 11-3pm 718-807-6529

Low cost delivery is available and

We rent everything in the shop

Full Shop of Great Vintage + 2 Day Vacation

Busy week picking up great furniture. Lots of md century modern items. We now have over 8 mid century credenzas and so much more.

We traveled all over the metropolitan area this week and we made a return to the Bronx. Yes the Bronx…who would have thought that there is mid century modern furniture there. We have learned that there are some really nice areas in the Bronx. This is the third home that we got great furniture in the past 3 months… so we will be there again in the future.

We also purchased a whole bunch of cool modern furniture from a townhouse in lower manhattan from a eclectic home owner who sold his home and moving to the hamptons.

We will be closed for holiday Saturday, Sunday and Monday of this week June 8,9 & 10. We will reopen on Tuesday at 3Pm.

Looking forward to seeing you then.

4 Homes Visited, 4 Homes with Mid Century Modern Furniture

Every day we go out looking for mid century modern furniture and its usually a crap shoot. Some days we find a piece or two and some days more. This week we lucked out and the first four homes we visited had mid century modern furniture. Even though the warehouse is full, we had to buy it all and we managed to squeeze it all into our bushwick warehouse.

We are constantly buying stuff every day and we post most of them on instagram  @reuseamericany. Some items get purchased right away so check back frequently.


Come visit our massive warehouse loaded with great stuff. Over 150,000 items and growing daily Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm Fri 11-3pm 718-807-6529

Strange homes, Vintage homes, we go everywhere….


Every day we go out to home thruout the New york area to buy stuff for our shop. Sometime we buy one item and other times we buy the entire content of the house. Most of the time everything goes smoothly and we get some really great items. We were lucky and we met some really great people this week. Then we went to a home in the Bronx where everything seemed to be going ok until we discussed prices for the items. This persons partner passed away and there were great stuff, however he wanted thousands of dollars for all the items I picked out. I explained that i have to resell at a profit. Finally I was successful and got lots of good items.

I entered one of the rooms where the was a lot of weird kinky things that went on there. I was a little grossed out to buy most of the items there so i entered a different bedroom which had more normal stuff to buy.

All in all it was a great day to get nice items.

Then we went to several homes in long island where we got a whole bunch of great boho items and other cool stuff.

Friday is looking busy as we are looking forward to going to three homes.

Till we see u again

Over 150,000 items and growing daily

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.

Sunday 10-5pm, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm Fri 11-3pm 718-807-652


We travel all over to bring great items to our shop

This week we traveled all over the tri state area to select great vintage items to bring to our warehouse. Even though we are bursting at the seams and my lovely wife lisa told me to slow down, I continued to go out every day and buy cool items. Some people say its my sickness… Truth is that I desire to bring in cool stuff for our customers who expect new items on a daily basis even it there in no room in the shop for them. Somehow I always make things fit.

Some people will have a hard time seeing everything, therefore we try to post everything on our instagram @reuseamericany. That being said, there are always lots of items that I bring in that i dont photograph, so our customers usually find lots of treasures.

We went to over 30 homes this week and we selected the cool items which we feel our customers will like. Home owners are always begging us to buy more from them, but we like to fill our warehouse with great mid century modern and industrial items. Our regular customers know that we are always bringing in “the goods”. We take pride in bring in in lots of quality every week so we hope you appreciate them as well.

coe in and visit us and see the vintage madness that i have created.

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.

Sunday 10-5pm, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm Fri 11-3pm 718-807-652

Credenzas, Credenzas and so much more

This week we went upscale and traveled to a few estates in Westchester county where we purchased some really cool items including a few mid century modern credenzas and dressers. We also got a pair of Milo Baugham swag lounge chairs in a fluffy yellow material. We entered one palace where we convinced the homeowner to sell us their entire sunroom furniture set… now we have a cool 3 piece wood framed tufted set for sale.

We also went to an amazing mid century home with super cool slate floors tucked in a hamlet of Riverdale. I have never been to this part of town and it was a real treat. The backyard was lined with bamboo trees and it was only two blocks from the river and you could hear the water in the distance. This house was loaded with amazing mid century furniture, however we were unable to get the super cool stuff, but we managed to get some really nice items.

We brought in lots of mid century furniture, some really cool mirrors, great art, a bunch of lighting, lots of chairs and so many miscellaneous

vintage items.

Thursday looks to be a full schedule, so be sure to watch our instagram for new items coming in. Our instagram is @reuseamericany

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.  Sunday 10-5pm, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm Fri 11-3pm 718-807-6529

So Many New Items This week…Its insane

Our warehouse has never been so packed with great stuff. Besides bringing in tons of stuff from our picking trip while we were on vacation…. this week was a crazy picking adventure. We brought in 4 truckloads of new items including lots of mid century modern furniture.

We were called to an apartment right at the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge on Pearl street in lower manhattan. The views from this apartment were amaaaaazzzzing. I wish I had taken a picture to show you all the view this person got to see every day. She used to be a lawyer and she spent her money well… in my opinion a little to well. She purchased too much clothing and there were so many items with tags still on them. Clothing is not our forte, so we had a clothing dealer purchase those items while we managed to get a truckload of unique furniture pieces and other great items including a Knoll side table and a knoll bench.

On Thursday we went to a lovely large home in Wurtsboro Long Island where we picked up lots of great mid century modern pieces and other nice vintage pieces including a bunch of cool mirrors, a vintage Schwinn tandem bike and so much more. We filled up the truck when we were told there are more items in the garage. We spend a half hour trying to get the door open but we managed to only get it open enough to get a peek inside and there are lots of cool stuff tucked away in there. We will have to return with proper tools to open the door so we can get the items.

At 10:00 at night we visited a nice home in Midwood brooklyn and purchased some small mid century modern furniture including 4 danish modern dining chairs and 2 cool designer swag chairs.

Friday morning we will be picking up even ore stuff so stay tuned for new goodies.

Be sure to follow us on instagram @reuseamericany for the latest items with sizes and prices

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.
Sunday 10-5pm, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm Fri 11-3pm 718-807-6529