To my loyal vintage lovers, this sunday is the day to get great stuff at great prices. We just brought in some real cool pieces including a small vintage church pew bench with storage, A gorgeous decorative bar cart, A great brass mask, some interesting bronze pieces, a gas fired fireplace, vintage lighting, great mid century modern small pieces of furniture, vintage tools, vintage wood, vintage storage, vintage wood speakers, vintage mirrors, a vintage hand printing machine with letters, a sea eagle inflateable boat, industrial lamp, and much more.

We are packed to the rafters with great vintage furniture, lighting, art over 50 pieces of vintage luggage, over 50 vintage tins, over 150 pieces of vintage wood boxes, over 50 pieces of vintage enamelware and cast iron, record racks and storage, tons of vintage electronics, lots of industrial furniture, mid century modern furniture, over 50 brass musical instruments for art or decoration, over 50 vintage metal signs, over 150 pieces of art and mirrors, vintage beer trays, vintage housewares, vintage rustic items, over 20 industrial small parts storage pieces, lots of vintage stools and chairs, over 50 vintage license plates, over 20 vintage wood clamps, over 10,000 vintage tools, vintage buckets, vintage fire extinguishers, vintage railroad lamps, vintage retro lighting, vintage windows, over 20 vintage chests, over 3,000 lp records, over 1,000 cd’s, over 3,000 vintage magazines – Life – National geographic, Paris match, Newsweek, Adult magazines of all types, Stereo review, plus many more titles.

Over 150,000 items at this giant sale Sunday 10am – 4pm

1940 Utica Avenue Brooklyn

Dont miss this sale, it is like going to dozens of estate sales at one time

We rent props as wellphoto 5 photo 5(2)photo 5(1) photo 4 photo 4(2) photo 4(1)photo 3 photo 3(2) photo 3(1) photo 2(2) photo 2(1) photo 1 photo 1(2) photo 1(1) kim table lamp

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