The great stuff keeps coming in at Hidden Treasures in Brooklyn

Every Sunday our customers are amazed at the great stuff that we acquire during the week. We purchase furniture, paintings, lamps, antiques, collectibles, lp records, comics and just about anything in between. You really never know what we will have for our huge sale. I do guarantee that you will be amazed as there is always tons of stuff to look thru, tons of stuff that are not seen elsewhere. Unlike a flea market or a traditional thrift store, we purchase so many different items 5 days a week and we sell it all on Sundays only. Since we purchase so many items, we don’t have time to check out the value of most items so you get great stuff that’s worth a lot of money at flea market prices. Our weekly treasure hunters always find treasures that are worth lots of money for a couple of dollars. There is always great stuff thruout our place. We have 3 floors packed with great stuff and 15 tables outside with the overflow of items.

Come check us out at 731 east 8th street in the Kensington section of buddah 2 SAXAPHONE MOBILE OIL CANS CHANEL LAMP 2 OLD FAN CAST iron shelves ORIENTAL SILK ELECTRIC CHAIR bird cage greenBrooklyn. You will be glad you did. Every sunday 10am – 5pm