Full Shop of Great Vintage + 2 Day Vacation

Busy week picking up great furniture. Lots of md century modern items. We now have over 8 mid century credenzas and so much more.

We traveled all over the metropolitan area this week and we made a return to the Bronx. Yes the Bronx…who would have thought that there is mid century modern furniture there. We have learned that there are some really nice areas in the Bronx. This is the third home that we got great furniture in the past 3 months… so we will be there again in the future.

We also purchased a whole bunch of cool modern furniture from a townhouse in lower manhattan from a eclectic home owner who sold his home and moving to the hamptons.

We will be closed for holiday Saturday, Sunday and Monday of this week June 8,9 & 10. We will reopen on Tuesday at 3Pm.

Looking forward to seeing you then.

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