Strange homes, Vintage homes, we go everywhere….


Every day we go out to home thruout the New york area to buy stuff for our shop. Sometime we buy one item and other times we buy the entire content of the house. Most of the time everything goes smoothly and we get some really great items. We were lucky and we met some really great people this week. Then we went to a home in the Bronx where everything seemed to be going ok until we discussed prices for the items. This persons partner passed away and there were great stuff, however he wanted thousands of dollars for all the items I picked out. I explained that i have to resell at a profit. Finally I was successful and got lots of good items.

I entered one of the rooms where the was a lot of weird kinky things that went on there. I was a little grossed out to buy most of the items there so i entered a different bedroom which had more normal stuff to buy.

All in all it was a great day to get nice items.

Then we went to several homes in long island where we got a whole bunch of great boho items and other cool stuff.

Friday is looking busy as we are looking forward to going to three homes.

Till we see u again

Over 150,000 items and growing daily

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn.

Sunday 10-5pm, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed & Thurs 11-7pm Fri 11-3pm 718-807-652


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