This week we brought in 5 truckloads of vintage treasures. From a Brooklyn home we got some great love seats, lounge chairs, dressers, a antique vanity, Antique tube radio console, lamps, and more. The 85 year old gentleman told me an interesting story about his military history during world war 2. He told me that he was a radio operator on a small island in the English channel where he was stationed underground. It was a cave which had restricted access due to the tide. One day he and his crew almost died from the lack of oxygen due to the tide not retreating. I just thought I’d share this little story, because every home that I visit has a story and that is what I love about this business. I get to hear the history of the people and the items that they used during their lives.

Then we went to Greenpoint Brooklyn where we met a designer who was downsizing and we purchased a bunch of cool items.

Off I went to central park west where we got a bunch of distressed/shabby chic furniture, including 2 dressers, a vanity, art, room dividers, book shelves, chairs, stools, small tables,  lamps galore, and lots of small items.

Then it was back to Brooklyn again in Ditmas Park where we got a mid century modern dining table, mid century art deco dresser, antique stacking tables, mid century modern side tables, chairs, lamps, amazing antique wood trunks and a large leather trunk, a whole bunch of vintage clothing, pottery, lots of art including watercolors, hand colored etchings, oil paintings, tons of small vintage items and much more.

Today we will be bringing in a nice mid century bar cart and lots of other surprises.

Stay tuned for next weeks goodies, as we will be buying items from a hoarders house. This one looks promising as there appears to be lots of vintage items hidden under years of accumulations.

Our warehouse is fully loaded and we are making deals so we can bring in more stuff, so come on down and shop for great vintage at low prices.

Reuse America Vintage Warehouse 387 bushwick ave brooklyn ny Sunday 10-5, Mon&Tues 3-7pm, Wed&Thurs 11-7pm, Fri 11-3pm 718-807-6529

We accept all credit cards and we offer low cost delivery.



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