We are a great source for prop rentals in New york

Do you need props to stage an apartment?

Do you need props for a photo shoot?

Do you need props for a movie or tv show?

Well we offer a complete prop rentals department to set designers and interior decorators. All our items in our massive warehouse are available for rental from one day to months. Need to rent furniture to sell an apartment…. not a problem.

Furniture, Art, Mirrors, lighting, electronics, small items and more are all available for rental.

Many of our items in our shop have been used on movie sets and commercial shoots in the 5 boros. We offer flexible plans for the movie industry. Our selection is massive and our prices are low. In fact many production companies purchase our items since our prices are so low.

Not in the industry?  No problem

In town for a week, a month or more? You can rent too…

Come in and see our great inventory and see how we can serve you for your next projectt

Check out the videos below to have a small taste of what we have in our shop

Feel free to call Elliot if you have any questions at 718-807-6529

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