This week we spent 4 days taking the great stuff from a home of a former printing company owner. He owned a print shop in the 1960’s and he used the traditional letterpress method which used printing blocks. We have brass, copper, magnesium and aluminum printing blocks of advertisements and promotional material that he printed. We even have labels, and signs which were made from those plates. These are particularly cool because each ad was etched or engraved in metal, using the same method that United States currency was made. We have hundreds of plates and blocks of various sizes as well as line of type and other type related items. These items make great wall hangers and can be used by creative people in art projects and makes for great home decor. This gentleman was also into lighting fixtures so we uncovered many mid century modern lighting fixtures.
We also uncovered many industrial items in the basement including:
– Over 13 Vintage industrial pallets made from old wood and metal legs in large and small sizes, these make great coffee tables or table tops
– 4 Industrial vintage butcher block heavy duty work tables which can be used for kitchen tables or bars
– 15 bar stools of various types
– 15 Knoll type wire chairs – made from stainless steel
– great for outdoor seating
– Wrought iron patio sets
– Wrought iron garden chairs
– Vintage wood planks which can be used for table tops
– Vintage steamer trunks which can be used for storage or as coffee tables
– Piano bench
– Old dentist store sign made from wood- 2 sided
– Wrought iron singer manual sewing machine base
– Vintage portable record players
– Victorian brass picture frames
– Crystal door knobs
– Old hardware for replacements of handles
– Vintage wood balister
– Victorian mirrors
– Old windows with great crackled paint – great for making mirrors
– Mid century modern handing clocks
– Real old baby scale made out of wicker
– Vintage large adding machine
– Vintage radios – Vintage tape dispenser
– Vintage tools and tool boxes
– Pair of mid century modern bubble lamps
– Vintage freight elevator controller
– Vintage tennis raquets – over 20
– Vintage golf clubs – 4 sets
– Hand painted mirrored glass table tops from peru
– Hand painted glass mirrors from peru
– Vintage 1940’s school desk
– Vintage small oak desk
– Vintage ceramic large spice rack
– Vintage wood skim board
– Wicker baskets and picnic baskets
– Vintage wood slat folding chairs and small stools
– Vintage hand carved statues
– Vintage lighters
– Vintage stainless steel medical tools
– Vintage teak storage cabinet
– Vintage teak dining table
– Much much more
We are still unpacking boxes of smalls from this 3 floor home So you never know what you will find. We have hundreds more items which we need to take pictures of

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