This Sunday we are liquidating an estate of a talented artists home.
Most of her estate consists of hundreds of wonderful pieces of modern artwork These are large pieces which will look great in any home or loft. The paintings were all hand done in acrylic and oil paints and signed they were sold in the 1980’s at art shows thruout the United States. They were sold from $550 up to $2500, we are selling them all for only $100 each.
Come and get great wall art for print prices.
We also got from her estate a bunch of Mid Century Modern Furniture
– Mid century modern dressers and side tables
– Mid century modern desk
– Mid century modern chairs
– Mid century modern record cabinet
– 2 Medical cabinets
– Nice selection of vintage lighters
– Gumball machine
– 2 large vintage porcelain trays
– 2 Vintage ships
– Posters
– Large wood display of former industrial pipe mold
– Vintage bird cage and stand
– Nice selection of vintage spanish music 45’s and 8 track tapes
– Vintage motorcycle gas tank
– Vintage wood tool box
– Fire engine pump connectors
– Vintage gladiators head gear
– Vintage doctors bag
– Vintage wood soda and milk crate
– Vintage metal milk crates
– Vintage mini factory cart
– Vintage large industrial storage shelf unit
– Wrought iron kitchen chairs
– Cotton candy machine
– Commercial espresso machine
– Large vintage airplane
– More musical instruments
– Compound bow
– Deer legs
– Large ceramic dog head
– Large chains
– Real buggy wagon wheels
– Much more
Lots of vintage smalls, crystal, porcelain, art glass and much more

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