Now Open Fridays, Sundays, Wednesday & Thursday

Our new location is now open Fridays 11-3pm, Sundays 10-5, Wednesdays & Thursday 11-7pm.

We have been bringing in great vintage stuff in all week long and we are glad that our customers have been snagging the great deals. We are glad to have our new location with additional days that we are open. Our customers appreciate not having to wait till sunday to see the new arrivals. Now each day people come in they see new vintage items.

For you artists our there, we just brought in a bunch of art supplies and large pads of various papers. This is your opportunity to get these expensive supplies at great prices.

All designer couches are on sale Friday and Sunday only for $150 each, these sell for up to $1,400 so this is a great deal.

We brought in 5 orange herman miller shell chairs for $100 each. Knoll and steelcase vintage office chairs in great condition for only $45 each, we have 2 leather Kartell office chairs for $100 each.

All mid century modern and vintage dressers are priced to sell fast.

Looking forward to see u



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