We’re Moving To Bushwick – Come help us empty

Bushwick has been our destination of choice for years and we finally found a great place where we will be moving to in the next few weeks. We will update you next week with all the details. We now need to liquidate our Utica avenue warehouse so we have less to move. As many of you who have visited our Utica warehouse sale, you know there is a ton of great stuff there.

Now is the time to get great deals this Sunday January 31 from 10am-4pm at 1940 Utica avenue on Brooklyn. Every piece of furniture, every piece of art, every light fixture, every piece of great vintage, over 150,000 items must be sold. There is so much to be had and we are letting everything go at great prices so we don’t have to load it on our trucks.


In the meantime we have been loading up our Bushwick location with great new finds so when you visit that location you will be impressed by the great items we have there.

Help us clear our warehouse and we will give you great prices on everything. This is your opportunity to get great prices at great prices.

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