We are on a buying trip in Virginia this weekend, so we wont be hosting a sale July 26

Good day to our wonderful customers, we will not be opening this sunday at our famous huge vintage sale. We are on a buying trip in Virginia. We will be picking barns and farm houses thruout the state. Of course we will be bringing the great items to our sunday sale next week August 2. I am sure you will love the great new vintage items that we will get. We have many requests fro designers looking for select items and we will do our best to get these items.
We know our treasure hunters will be looking forward to what we find. We are excited to be climbing rafters and lofts in barns looking for all the great stuff. We will be getting dirty and super sweaty doing what we do best. We will try to clean our finds as best as possible before we place them in our warehouse.
If you really miss us this weekend, you can visit our sunday sale in our thrift store at 1158 flatbush avenue from 12-7pm.
Looking forward to greeting you at the massive sale August 2nd at 1940 utica 10-4pm

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