We just cleared out 3 homes this week and we packed the items into our warehouse for this amazing sale. All vintage items must be sold. You will find so many items from the past that you will think that you are on an archaeological excavation. In fact Elliot, the owner has an archaeology degree and he takes pride in all the finds that he brings into his amazing sales. If you want unique items, then this sale is the place for you to be this sunday from 10-4 at 1940 Utica avenue. The diversity is amazing and you really never know what you will find from week to week. This week we got in a bunch of african handmade wood carved items. A bunch of vintage folding benches from a church that closed over 20 years ago, a bunch of original oil paintings from listed artists at real low prices. We have added lots of wood boxes which now total over 150. Of course we brought in a nice selection of vintage made in the usa tools. If you like vintage wood shelves, we just brought in a nice selection. Slide projectors, presentation projectors, test graders, vintage electronics, vintage mad magazines, vintage lighting, vintage playboy magazines and many other adult magazines, Lots of brass items, vintage guitars, and much more. We ran out of place to bring in more vintage furniture so we brought over 20 pieces of mid century modern furniture to our vintage store at 1158 Flatbush avenue. That location is open Sunday 12-7, Tuesday 12-7, Wednesday 11-7, Thursday 11-7, Friday 11-7, closed saturday. Look at the pictures at the bottom of this post for the pictures of the furniture at the flatbush avenue sale. There you will find great AFRICAN BENCH AFRICAN CARVING AFRICAN CARVING2 AIR INDIA AMERICAN EAGLE ANTIQUE TABLE ART ASIAN MASK BALLET POSTER BARREL BENCH ENDS BIRD CAGE BOOK SHELF 2 BOOK SHELF BRASS BUDAH BRASS CALENDAR BRASS WING BRONZE BUBBLE GLASS BUDAH CLOSEUP BUDDAH CABINET METAL CAR SPEAKER CAR CARVED STATUE CAST IRON POST CHANDELIER CLOCK COOLER VINTAGE COPPER THINGEE CPR GUY FENCE FISCHER SPEAKER FOLDING BENCH 2 FOLDING BENCH FOOR STOOL GARBAGE CAN GLASS BOTTLES GLASS SHELVES GUITAR GUY ICE CREAM INDEPENDENCE LAMP INDUSTRIAL LAMP COPPER INDUSTRIAL STAND INDUSTRIAL STOOLS IRON FENCE LUGGAGE METAL STUFF METAL MID CENT CHAIR MID CENT CHAIRS 2 MID CENT CHAIRS MID CENTURY CHAIRS MID CHAIRS OIL PAINT OIL PAINTING OLD SEWING MACHINE OUTDOOR WROUGHT IRON OUTDOOR PHONE OLD PROJECTOR RADIOS REDWOOD BENCHES RULERS SAXAPHONE SCONCE 2 SCONCE SILVER BIRD SLIDE PROJECTOR SLIDE VEIWER SMALL BOOK SHELF SPEAKERS STOOL 2 STOOLS DENTIST STOOLS STUFF STUFFF SWORDS FRAMED TEAK BENCH TEST GRADER TILE COFFEE TABLE TV BW VINTAGE BUCKET VINTAGE VISE LARGE WALKIE TALKIE WINE RACK WOOD CARVE WOOD CARVING 2 WROUGHT IRON LOUNGE WW 2 CHESTS 7 UP CART CHAIRR COFFEE TABLE CRICKET DRESSER 2 DRESSER FAN GLASS TABLE HIGH CHAIR INSTRUMENT LAMPO LONG DRESSER MAKEUP DESK MID CENT DRAWER MID CENT STOOL MID CENT TABLE MID CENT VASE MID CENTURY DRESSER MID CENTURY MARTINSVILLE mid century MILK JUG MIRROR 2 MIRROR 3 MIRROR ORIENTAL BEDROOM ORIENTAL CURIO ORIENTAL PAINTING ROLLING CHAIR ROUND TABLES SHABBY SIDE TABLES 2 SIDE TABLES SMALL CURIO 2 SMALL CURIO SMALL TABLE STAND TABLE NEW TABLE PUZZLE $500 DRESSER CHINA CAB DRESERS MID CENTURY FOOT STOOL METAL TOP TABLE COFFEE TABLE NEW MID CENT COFFEE MESH CHAIR LUCITE MID CENTURY CHAIR REDWOOD MID CENTTT MID CENTTTT ROUND MIRROR OTTOMON WROUGHT IRON CHAIRS CHEST WOOD STOOL CHAIR 2 STOOL 1 STOOL 3 AFRICAN MASKSmid-century modern bedroom furniture, coffee tables, tables, industrial furniture and more.


Looking forward to greeting you at our great sales this week.

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