We just got in a large amount of vintage medical cabinets and vintage medical stuff – real cool items

   If you like vintage medical cabinets and vintage medical devices, then you need to check out this weeks sale. Sunday 10:30-5pm. We just spent the entire week cleaning out a doctors home and we brought the items to our huge sunday sale. We have so many items to see its truly amazing. Check out just a sampling of the items we have available for this sale. In addition to our new medical items we have a huge selection of vintage metal signs, neon signs, tons of housewares, tons of interesting stuff not found elsewhere. Prop masters, designers and photographers love coming to our store to see the latest arrivals. Many of our items have been in the movies, on broadway, on tv commercials, snd in national magazines. Speaking about magazine, we have hundreds of vintage playboy magazines from 1960’s and up as well as vintage movie magazines, and many others including life magazines.

   We also have thousands of tools, thousands of cd’s and dvd’s, in fact we have over 150,000 at our sale every sunday. It’s really worth the trip from anywhere. In fact each week we greet people that travel over 2 hours to see what we have to offer. They usually leave with a great find and certainly they leave with great stories and great vintage finds. Our serious diggers come in with flashlights to get to see the stuff thats hidden and believe me there is stuff hidden everywhere. We have layer s of stuff everywhere and we are always surprised when people find stuff we didnt even know we had. 

   We have a nice selection on vintage fireplace supplies. Fireplace surrounds, stakes and other items. We also have a huge amount of firestarter logs at great prices.

   If you are in need of vintage furniture, then you really need to check out our sale. We have over 1,000 pieces at really low prices. We also have lots of mid century modern furniture.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

   If you are looking to go somewhere different this sunday, then you need to check out our nice vintage sale at 731 east 8th street brooklyn ny.

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