Over 500 Lamps, Over 1,000 pieces of Artwork, Over 1,000 Pieces of furniture, Over 1,000 LP records, Over 1,000 Books

   We have so many items. In fact we have over 150,000 items. Over 500 Lamps – mid century modern, Antique, Contemporary & more, 1,000 Paintings small, medium, large and in between from 19th century to current – Oils, Watercolor, etchings, prints,
1,000 Records $1 each all types of music,
1,000 Books $1 each all types art, music, novels, science, school, much ore
20,000 pieces of clothing $1.00 each
Hundreds of pieces of Brass – Including statues, animals, book ends, bowls, musical instruments
plates, vases, display pieces, music stands, much more
Over 1,000 pieces of furniture including mid century modern, office desk, office cabinets, file cabinets, all type of furniture

           We have so much stuff in our three floor warehouse, that you need to plan on spending a few hours here….we have that much stuff. People come back on a regular basis as we get in approximately 1,000 new items per month, so you really never know what you will find. We just got in a large selection of fireplace accessories including fireplace faces, fireplace surrounds, fireplace screens and fireplace accessories.

We get in lots and lots of unusual stuff. We get ancient medical devices, Vintage surgery table and gourney, ancient pottery, unusual medical items, old car parts, stamps, and stuff we cant figure out what they are.

If you are looking for something to do on a sunday and want to see great stuff, come visit our sunday sale.

Next door to 731 east 8th street, Brooklyn NY
10:30 – 5pm

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