Propmasters come to us for great props and all period furniture and accessories

      We have a huge variety of furniture in our “furniture Loft” an amazing selection of furniture from many periods in history. Our devoted prop people know to come to us for our great selection. They are able to fill their needs for lighting, artwork, mirrors, phones, typewriters, medical accessories, brass ware and period housewares. We provide items for scenes of early American, french, English, Oriental, Italian  and more.

    People spend hours searching thru our 3 floors packed with amazing hidden treasures. We have literally layers of items, people discover items like they are on an archealogical excavation. If all the items in this place were to be ImageImageout flat they would cover an entire football field, yes, there is that much stuff.

    Our customers are truly amazed when they come into our place. We love to look at the faces of people who come in for the first time as they fall in love with our amazing stuff. This is not for the faint at heart. While everything is pretty much organized, you will get your hands dirty. Don’t worry we provide hand cleaner and towels and even gloves on request.

    We bring in so much stuff each week that we dont have the time to clean everything. Therefore we price everything at real affordable prices. People come from Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bedstye, Bushwick and Ridgewood and they are amazed by our affordable prices on all our items, especially our mid century modern furniture. There is always a piece that people find that puts a smile on their face. Nothing brings us more joy than a happy customer. We work well with new arrivals to Brooklyn. We are always bundling items to offer you great combination prices.

   Satisfaction or our customers in number 1. Twitter lights up sunday nights as our customers share with the world the great items they get at our sunday sales.

   You need to check out our place sundays next door to 731 east 8th street 10:30 -5pm



Come sundays and see what everyone is talking about


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