We purchase estates, Contents of homes, Items that we can resell is our store

Liquidating a loved ones estate can be very stressful for family members. So many things to go thru, so many memories, so much stuff. What is one to do with all of it. Once you take the items that are important to your family, we come in to help you remove your unwanted items and we pay you cash for those items. We make it simple and care free.

Moving out of state is another stressful time in ones life. What do I take when I go? What do I need in the new place? The new place is much smaller. Well, don’t worry, we come and help you. We purchase your unwanted items and put them to good use. We can even purchase the entire contents of your home or apartment. Give us a call and see how we can help you with your next move.

Our professional staff comes in and we purchase your unwanted items. We usually purchase a large amount of items so the house or apartment can be sold or rented quickly.

Often times people consider having a yard sale, tag sale, garage sale or house sale to “get rid” of their items. Our clients have discovered that by selling the items to us is a more cost effective than setting up for a sale, pricing items and having lots of strangers trample thru their home. We pay a fair price for all the items that we purchase. We purchase furniture as well as small items. People are usually amazed at what we buy and since we sell so many different items in our store, we buy practically everything. When you are ready to liquidate an estate or if you are moving, give us a call and we will make it a hassle free experience.

If you need clean out services in New York, we  offer very competitive rates and we broom sweep houses and apartments so there are no problems at closing time. Many have found that we offer much lower prices than “got junk” since we are able to recycle items for reuse, thereby we pass the savings to you.

If you are looking to donate your furniture or items to charity and get a tax write off. We are affiliated with a non-profit organization which can put the donated  furniture and other items to use for the needy.

So when you are ready to get rid of stuff, just give us a call at 718-807-6529 and we will put cash in your pocket.

22 thoughts on “We purchase estates, Contents of homes, Items that we can resell is our store

  1. I live in Brick New Jersey and I am moving. I would like to know if you would buy the contents of my house for a cheap price. Just want to get rid of everything.

  2. I have a living room w/coffee and end tables. Formal dining room table opens to fit 10-12-hutch-eight chairs some with the store plastic on the seats- two leafs and custom table pads.

  3. Interested in selling contents of storage unit in Westchester county, ny. Dining table, 4 chairs, 3 end tables, 2 area rugs and several boxes of stuff.

  4. I sent pics and when I opened up my mail something from you popped up and then disappeared. I was unable to retrieve. Also, left out of pics is a large wood framed mirror that was over 2 bedroom dressers.

  5. Hi, we are emptying 2 houses in Great Barrington, MA. which is 2 hours north of you. Are you interested, we have mostly furniture, antique, vintage, carved wooden framed chairs, tables, mirrors, display cases, etc…

  6. i have contents of a storage unit on Long Island that i need to sell. Dining Room hutch and table, misc decor items and kitchen items, vases, framed art,candle holders, etc. Do you purchase the entire contents of storage unit? There is no Garbage in this unit. its a portion of the contents of a household i received in my divorce. i am in a much smaller place now and don’t need all the items.

  7. I have relatively new living room set, bedroom set (including new mattress & Tempur-pedic bed), TVs, bookcases & books, huge museum quality dollhouse (I built) furnished with expensive Hansson furniture, artist’s paints, canvas & brushes, other hobby items, all kitchen equipment, refrigerator, stackable washer/dryer. Power wheelchair, power recliner, other handicapped equipment. Need to sell quickly!

  8. I am selling my house and moving sometime in late May. I have a bedroom set, dining room st, bookcases, end tables, lamps, artwork, carpets, a Lazyboy recliner, and other household items to get rid of before moving. Do you buy all these items or just certain ones?

  9. A friend has her sisters apt to clear and clean out
    Not much furniture
    But boxes and boxes of unopened treasures
    Linens , shoes, salad bowls (wooden) kitchen and life essentials , knives sets , so much stuff (compulsive buyer )
    Good stuff mostly unopened and in triplicate
    Is this something you do
    There cannot be an in apt sale due to the building

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