We keep satistying our customers every sunday

5 Days a week we pick and buy great stuff and bring the items to our huge warehouse for our weekly sunday sales. We buy estates every day and bring the best items to our place for our customers to enjoy. You really never know what you will find as we are always picking in different places. last week we cleaned out a brownstone in Park slope and found lots of interesting horse riding things including saddles, riding boots, hats and spurs as well as whips and much more. Our early customers grabbed these items real fast. We also purchased an estate from a person who traveled the world and we brought in many items from this person travels. We brought in over 1,000 new items last week and we will probably bring in over 1500 items this coming week. We will be picking a few barns in new jersey and we will be bringing in lots of primatives.
Our regular dealers know that they need to come to our place at ten o’clock every sunday so they can get the first crack at the new stuff. But there is so much stuff that comes in that people are always uncovering new and unique items thruout the day.
It always thrills us when we are challenged with request. Each week we have people who come with lists of items that they are looking for. In fact 8 out of 10 times we have the items on the list. A random customer came in this past sunday looking for a top hat, guess what, we had one and the customer was thrilled. We love satisWOOD BOXES SCALEwine pressMOBILE OIL CANSfying our customers and we love that we have so many great items in our place.
As usual we had a bunch of people who were amazed at the amount of quality items we have. Their expressions on their faces were so classic. They were amazed at the stuff we have.
You owe it to yourself to check out our amazing sale every sunday 10am to 5pm. You will see what other people have come to appreciate.
Check us out at 731 east 8th street in the kensington section of Brooklyn.

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