More Hidden Treasures Revealed Sunday – many people were lucky

     We get so many items in each week that we don’t have time to sort them properly, so our customers benefit big time. This week one lucky customer got a genuine amber prayer bead set from the 1800’s for $10, the value was appraised at $700. Needless to say that customer was very happy. A lucky customer got a 14k gold ring worth $150 for $20. Another lucky customer purchased a silver tray for $10 which turned out to be sterling silver worth over $400. There were at least 5 other similar deals which people walked away with amazing deals.

   Its amazing how many people show up every week to see the latest stuff that comes in. We bring out the new stuff in stages during the day so the great treasures can be had by people throughout the day. You really never know what you will get each week at our gigantic Sunday sales. Each week we purchase over 500 items from various estates throughoutImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage New York and New Jersey areas.

     We’ve spent lots of time organizing our warehouse, organizing items into categories to make shopping at hidden treasures a more enjoyable experience. Our huge tool selection is now organized and is now easy to find all your tools in one area. Our second floor is now open with hundreds of pieces of great furniture on display for easy veiwing. We now have a massive selection of paintings and wall art. 

   If you are new to our warehouse, be prepared to spend time, we are packed with amazing stuff. People spend hours here as there are over 50,000 items to see.

   Be sure to check out our great sale this sunday from 10am to 5pm and see what you can find.


We are located next door to 731 east 8th street. One block off foster avenue and one block off of coney island avenue In Brooklyn 718-807-6529

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