The great stuff keeps selling at our weekly yard sales

This past week, we had a Jealous Yard sale competitor attack us on craigslist. He had all our ads deleted and wrote some nasty things about us. All untrue of course. Our customers know that we provide quality products both used and vintage and they showed up in mass to purchase the great items.
We had a huge selection of brand new Kleenex and Puffs tissues as well as Bounty paper towels and napkins. Brand new detergent was also offered at half the price that regular stores charge. We just placed another order for lots of more house goods from our closeout supplier for our next sale. We will be prepared for the great demand for these great consumables.
Planters were in great demand and we were fully stocked to provide quality planters at less than half the price that home depot charges.
Lots of great furniture was sold to many happy customers who appreciated the super low prices that we offered. Our vintage furniture has the quality that people demand and much better than is offered in major furniture retailers. A few clients went to Ikea looking for some pieces, but came back and purchased quality pieces from us. It’s nice to know that we are selling quality furniture at very low prices. We sold many chairs, wood desks, side tables and night stands as well as some china closets. We ill be bringing in many new pieces during the week, so look out for some new arrivals. We will be getting a bunch of antique pieces and selling them at very low prices.
We will be closed next sunday May 27, but we will reopen June 3rd with lots of great new items.

Vintage game buyers showed up and they purchased our entire collection of vintage electronic games from dreamcast, atari, nintendo, playstation and more. We sold over 100 vintage games. We are looking to acquire more of these games to keep up with the demand. If you have any of these please give us a call.
Make sure to sign up on our page for updates so you can keep up on our new arrivals.

Be sure to check out our sale in 2 weeks. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. 719 East 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230 Brooklyn Hidden Treasures

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