We Keep Picking Around New York For Great Stuff For Our Sunday Sale

This weeks sale will be full of great new items that we have acquired from homes all over New York and Connecticut. We have picked up a lot of vintage stainless steel Porter Cable tools. These are tools in great condition, work perfect and look great too. We also got a unique garden tool called the Lawn Barber. Its unlike anything I have ever seen. Its a pair of clippers on the end of a walking stick with wheels at the bottom for trimming the edges of grass by sidewalks. You simply press the grippers on top and it does a nice job of clipping the grass, you have to see this unique tool from the 1940’s. We also got some real great vintage stereos and some great looking old wood speakers. A vintage kids school desk, A real old clock, lots of lead fine crystal, Old stamp vending machine, old vintage heavy duty fans, vintage globe, old metal molds, and so much more.


You need to visit our sale this Sunday a 719 east 8th street in Brooklyn for lots of great stuff

See U there

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