Mothers Day Sale Was A Wild Success – So many happy customers

Todays sale had customers leaving with smiles on their faces.

Its always nice to have customers leave happy. We had a huge selection of unique items and many people were impressed by the amount of items we offer. Actually a few people were overwhelmed that they have never seen so many “cool items” in one place. Those looking for vintage were tempted by our huge selection of old items. We sold several unique lamps and we have many more for next week.

We even uncovered some real cool world war 2 items, including some medical kits and canteens.

We also have 2 reproduction flint pistols and rifles which would make great conversation pieces. We also sold 2 vintage sewing machines which were really nice pieces. Next week look forward to a bunch of new power tools and a nice selection of bicycles at great low prices.

We hope to see you at our next sale this coming sunday. We will be busy buying great items all week to give our customers the best items.

719 East 8th Street

Is the place to be every sunday 10am – 5pm

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