Why wait in long lines to get into a estate sale and then end up paying top dollar?

Estate sales can be a fun and profitable hobby, but they can also be a hassle. Often good estate sales have long lines and you must wait your turn especially when numbers are handed out. Once you finally do get inside the “good stuff” are usually purchased. This can be a very frustrating situation. You waited and waited and then all there is are overpriced goods and you are left trying to decide if you can make money off of what’s left.

Well my friends, we have an alternative. At hidden treasures, we purchase entire Estates during the week and we sell the great stuff at our giant sales on Sundays. We sell everything that we get at great prices. We know that you are looking  for collectibles and we want you  to make money reselling the goods. We price everything with you in mind. If you are a true collector, you will get great stuff at a great price. If you sell on ebay or amazon, that’s great and with our prices, you can make money as well. We get in an amazing variety of items each and every week. We can have world war 1 & 2 items one week, Italian collectibles, coins, vintage brass, antique paintings, antique furniture, household items, vintage lamps, ancient pottery, collector plates, sterling silver, jewelry and so much more. The variety each week is amazing and our clients are always amazed at the changes each and every week.

There is literally a new estate sale every week and you will find amazing new items every week.

If you are looking for an Estate Sale that you can afford, come pay us a visit and I guarantee you will be impressed with our great stuff

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