Lots of action at our great sunday sale April 22

Today was a real active day at Brooklyn Hidden Treasures. Customers flowed in to our giant warehouse which was packed with hundreds of new items. We had such a great selection of great items which we acquired from 3 estates in the past 2 weeks. We had a large selection of vintage tools which people really enjoyed. We also had a great selection of hand blown glassware which was grabbed up by those who appreciated the beauty. We also had a huge selection of high quality imported crystal which was purchased by some savvy customers who got a great deal. We also sold a bunch of samurai swords.

  We have so many new items still available for next weeks sale including copy machines,  chest freezer, many more swords and knives, lots of kitchenware and lots of porcelain imported from Italy, England and France. We will be getting another truckload of antiques and collectibles this week for our sale next week.

   You will also have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of new window treatments, sheets and accessories.

  You will be able to choose from thousands of new and old items, so come check us out at 719 east 8th street in Brooklyn, New YorkImage

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