Hidden Treasures In Brooklyn New York Is The Place to Go For Treasure Hunters

Each week our customers find great items at our weekly treasure hunts. We purchase estates from all over the New York area and we offer great new items every week.

You never know what you can find each week as our inventory constantly changes. One week we have American Indian artifacts and the next week we can have African masks. You really never know what you will find at our weekly sales. We always have our standard items like Tools, Leather coats, shoes, sneakers, housewares, home appliances, sewing machines, cosmetics, sports equipment, collectibles, crystal and much more. We also have world war 2 helmets, Antique furniture, Antique Lamps, Vintage Bicycles, Vintage Clothing, Vintage Costume Jewelry.

Some people refer to us as a Estate sale since we have so many estate items. Others refer to us as a yard sale since we originated as a giant yard sale and others refer to us as a giant garage sale. While others refer to us as a thrift shop. What ever you want to call us, we can guarantee you a great time and know that you will find something unique at a great price.

Be sure to check back at our Hidden Treasure Store every Sunday from 10am to 4:30 pm and you will find great stuff guaranteed.

Our prices are great and we are always there to greet you with a smile.

Come check us out you will be glad you did

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